Finding the right house, whether it is to live in or as an investment, is not easy. It takes time, imagination, technical and legal skills to be sure that what seems "perfect" can really be in line with your needs and expectations. Our goal is to analyze your requests and, on the basis of the parameters and budget provided, bring to your attention only the ideal solutions, all reducing the purchase times and the risks associated with the same, thanks also to the preventive analysis of all the necessary documents and to any technical / legal due diligence checks. We guide you in choosing the property up to the delivery of the keys.


The knowledge of the real estate market allows us to provide professional advice to owners who want to invest in real estate and buy new apartments, offices and commercial spaces for income, correctly evaluating the properties and suggesting the most strategic areas in which to invest to maximize the income from investments in brick. We can also manage long / medium / short-term leases, guaranteeing serious and solvent interlocutors.



We take care of designing and implementing small and large changes that need to your home to make it perfect for your new needs, or more interesting on the market, whether you want to sell or rent it.

In the case of improvements at low cost, we offer tailor-made solutions for all types of budgets and needs, instead we use well-known architectural firms for the most radical interventions and also take care of all the paperwork.

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