Choosing to rely on a Property Finder offers many advantages

Save time.

We will make a careful and selected search for you.

We will take care of showing you only properties that meet your needs, your budget and your goal, whether it is to buy the house of your life, a property to rent, a pied-à-terre, an office or an entire building.


Avoid problems.

Be they technical or bureaucratic. We will analyze the compliance of the cadastral maps, if there are technical or legal problems relating to the property, we will request and verify all the documentation necessary to ensure your peace of mind during the deed and in the future. We also check with our architectural firms the feasibility and costs of a possible renovation
Optimize the investment.

We will make sure that the purchase is not only in line with your needs, but with the parameters of the area and the market value. We will find the perfect property in terms of location and features in order to guarantee the full satisfaction of your requests.

Refer to a single person.

Having a single interlocutor with whom to relate helps to reach the goal more quickly, without worrying about having to manage all the figures that revolve around a real estate investment (notaries, condominium administrator, architects, interior designers, building companies, surveyors )


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